Check out this week’s video blog where we talk about getting back on track (or getting started) with making peace with food by going ‘back to the basics’.

When we first decide to rip off the bandaid, stop dieting and make peace with food, we can very quickly not know what to do next!

Many feelings and sensations can rise to the surface because up until that point, dieting has provided a container for emotions – both good and bad.

As you journey forward with making peace with your food and weight and seek to excavate diet culture from every area of your life, there will be many, many layers and phases that need worked through.

Being able to name and identify the different phases of recovery can be incredibly helpful!

The very first phase people often encounter is the ‘Stabilization phase’.

This is essentially where we build a new container (the one we’re replacing diet culture with).

As we journey through these phases, we can find that we become stuck or don’t know the next steps on how to move forward.

In these instances, I always suggest going back to the basics.

Ask yourself what you did initially that helped you work through a certain area and can you apply those same things to your situation now?

If you would like additional help on your journey with making peace with your food and weight, please reach out to me. I’d love to help you any way I can or provide additional resources that could be of help to you.