Hello dear ones

I am off for a little break this week to see family.  For an over-functioner like me, taking breaks is vital but takes a lot of focus to fully disengage from work (that I love).  I’m certainly aware of how it doesn’t serve me and year after year it gets better.

I remember back in my obsession with food and exercise days, “being good” for and at everything I possibly could be was another cog on the week of dysfunction and kept me so disconnected from myself of course I couldn’t possibly know what my body needed.  I really had to look at the whole system of how they were related and what purpose it served.  Food and exercise problems (and over-functioning) is not really about what we think it’s about but they certainly are a doorway in for exploration.

This video is about recognition and two ideas to get you started to start the slow down process to get you in touch with what is calling within you.  Maybe it’s a break, some fresh air, daily grounding, a change of your routine or just surrendering to what is.  

Please share with those who need a break

Peaceful eating,