When we think of all the things we ‘should’ do for our recovery and all of the implications and internal work that goes along with it, we can get easily overwhelmed by it all.

Getting our needs met regarding our food and health can be perceived as overwhelming when we’ve spent a good part of our life hearing or perceiving that our needs are too much.

But, relief and being rooted and grounded are available.

Perfectionism is not your Friend

Perfectionism and our natural inclination to avoid discomfort are the anti-thesis of intuitive eating and food recovery.

Perfectionism is rooted in fear. The fear of doing things wrong or even the fear of rejection.

We cannot afford to bring perfectionistic thinking into our food recovery.

And when we see our needs through that lens of perfection, it will absolutely feel overwhelming.

Relief from the Overwhelm

  1. Take time to look at your own history. How did you get to where you are today?
    When you’ve done things for years or even decades, we can’t reroute the ship overnight, it will take time.
    Recovery is much like an onion and the more we can settle into the process, the more grounded you’ll be and the less overwhelm you’ll experience.
  2. Start small, wherever you can
  3. Take 1 step at a time

Dive deeper with Tracy into this topic of overwhelm and relief in the two videos below.

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