This week we’re talking again on triggers and what we can do when we notice them happening. 

The ‘amazing’ (in a not good way) about diet culture is that it knows if it can get people into a place of terror and fear enough times, they will be triggered which will push them towards dieting and what dieting has to ‘offer’ (i.e. nothing life giving). 

In this week’s videos we talk about extreme reactions to when we’re triggered, how we can naviaget being triggered by other people’s stuff, and how you can see your trigger a gift (be sure to tune into that one!).


Sometimes when we’re triggered we can get into a place of feeling like we need to do all the things to the fullest capacity to get the quickest results. We can see other people doing these types of things – my encouragement to you is to stay curious.


Why We Get So Triggered by Other People’s Stuff

We can feel other people’s ideas about body image and weight personally when it feels like it contradicts what we know and believe, leaving us triggered and thus more suspectible to diet culture.

The Gift in Your Trigger

We can often compare ourselves to others – their pace of recovery, the ‘x, y, z’ formula they’re using – and we can think to ourselves their must be something wrong with us. I encourage you to stay curious – is that actually true or is there a part of you that’s afraid?