Hello all!

Hope you are having a great day.  I was thinking it’s good to go back to the basics and even if you have been at this intuitive eating journey for a while, this will be a good reminder.

I know I am really calling myself to settle down more too with my eating.  To slow down, not distract myself with the phone or the to-dolist in my head.  We just will not be as attuned to hunger/ fullness / satisfaction when we are not fully “down and in” in regards to fully meeting body sensations.

I know not distracting ourselves may bring up stuff.  You don’t have to be fully present at 100% of the meal; start with parts of the meal with the knowledge you can go back to eating emotionally or choose to under or over-eat.  
The point is to take the power out of the food and the emotions driving the un-attuned eating and literally back into your hands.  

You can do this!!!

Much Love xo