Food and body image recovery is so very nuanced.
It’s kind of like an onion in that regard, with different layers being peeled back at different times to expose another place where we need healing and truth.

Recovery is unlike dieting in this way. Dieting is a program. We’re told that if we do ‘X’, we’ll get or produce ‘Y’. And if for some reason we’re not able to accomplish ‘Y’ then it’s our fault or we’re somehow lesser then. In reality, ‘Y’ is often very unachievable for most individuals.

Many come into intuitive eating with the mindset of dieting. There’s the belief that quick fixes and magic hacks are the answer to all our problems.

The truth is, however, that we cannot recover from the mindset of that diet culture creates. Intuitive eating is a journey of recovery and no one thing will cure us.

There is nuance. It’s a dance. It’s a non-linear journey, and it needs to be treated as such.

And if there is any area of our life that we’re still trying to do recovery the diet way, we’ll never fully recover.

In these two videos, let’s dive deeper and discuss how to assess the true problem (i.e. it’s rarely food or the behavior we’re exhibiting) and what happens when we only focus on the bingeing or behavior?

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