In this podcast episode, I join Tara Whitney on her podcast, Hungry : Trust Your Body. Free Your Mind to discuss the following topics: 

  • Our reaction to trauma came from wise actions that supported us in the past. 
  • When the reaction emerges now, often with food patterns, our healing is recognizing what’s happening in our body and giving ourselves space for processing. 
  • Diets can be addictive because they offer hope, promise, and familiar regulation for people that need relief and safety. 
  • Recognizing what state your body is in is a powerful practice. Ask yourself if you have too much of something and not enough of something else. 
  • Trauma isn’t caused because of an event. We experience trauma when we don’t have a compassionate witness. 
  • Diet culture and the system it offers provide safety and security, a promise of love and belonging when someone achieves a certain body size. If we don’t have the tools and conditions to support our own feeling of being loved and belonging, diet culture can compensate for what we’re missing. 
  • Our relationships are pivotal in our healing. Allowing ourselves to receive what’s good is important, both in our relationships and what’s on our plate. 
  • Dieting and weight loss pursuit is a defense strategy that people use to feel safe (even if it’s false safety) in their body.