Hi all!

For your learning and growing pleasure, we have a New Podcast with Cara Harbstreet and we dive in to discuss the thing that hangs up so many of us in recovery and with IE: Fear of weight gain.

As much as we don’t want that to be the hold up on freedom, it often is so let’s dive in and create space from this fear.
I also discuss the membership site I wish I would have had 22 years ago, Attuned Eating for Attuned Living.

Let’s challenge the remaining bits of body image worries to get where we wanna go — not worrying about the body so much!

Let me know what you thought and talk to you so soon!

Much love,

If you’ve been going it alone or need help between sessions for getting out of deprivation driven eating, body image and settling overwhelm:

Recovery and Intuitive Eating Course With Body Image and Food cravings decoding work, expert interviews and stress regulation work.