Dieting isn’t the only option out there. But where do we begin? It all starts in our mind.

In this space we talk a lot about bingeing, improving nutrition, etc. but the reality is we’re cultivating new neurobiology. We’re retraining our brains to not believe and think that dieting and diet culture is our only option.

The first ‘hurdle’ we must overcome is to stop walking on eggshells all the time trying to figure out what other people want, if they’re going to be disappointed in your or what they’re going to say.

When you’re on the journey of food recovery, your agenda isn’t to please people anymore.

Mindset Shifts in Intuitive Eating

Once we’ve gotten clear about our need to let go of other people’s expectations, we get the opportunity to rewire our brains towards our goals of where we want our lives to be.

I do want to make the disclaimer that I am not at all saying that this is a one time thing. You will have to make this decision every day of your recovery journey. I am saying that there must be the initial recognition of letting go of these expectations from others.)

Here are 4 mindset shifts you can focus on to get your started :

  1. IE isn’t a program, it’s a process : we must have patience for ourselves. Intuitive eating isn’t a cut and dried, structured program where you can cross off the different steps along the way. It will take trial and error to discover what works best for you. There will be fluctuations in the journey – ups and downs. When we let go of the expectation that we will do A, B, C & D with intuitive eating and then be free and healed, we can, at that point, actually get free and healed!
  2. Not taking no for an answer – this is the only way forward : shut the door to all dieting options. If you want true freedom and wholeness, you must burn the bridge to diet culture. How do you do that? Have a vision for your life, what you want it to look like and where you want to end up. And then, don’t settle for anything less than that.
  3. Not turning on yourself : make the choice to not linger too long on the thought and feelings that there I something wrong with you, you’re never going to get better, your journey isn’t going as quickly as that other person. You’re not inherently bad or messed up. Choose to remain curious, compassionate and loving towards yourself as you make this journey.
  4. Learning to not take offense : this can honestly be one of the hardest to do and difficult to swallow. Few people have a personal attack or vendetta against you. They’re just dealing with their own unprocessed emotions, feelings and trauma. Make the choice, for yourself, to not let offense take root in your life. You’ll be free all your days when you do.

Want to go a bit further in your mindset work?

  1. It is okay to feel sad or frustrated about negative thoughts. Capture it. Don’t ruminate or let it run amuck. It will run your show. Again the negative isn’t the problem, it’s what we do with it. 
  2. Decode the negative thoughts – particularly if you weren’t having those sorts of thoughts until recently.