Happy Halloween for those who celebrate along with the kiddos in your life.  If you don’t celebrate or don’t  have kids around, you still may noticing the  extra candy that finds it’s way into your office or other spaces.

You can manage it without the all or nothing; no obsession about not having it or not wanting to sneak it all.

I did a live video on Facebook last  week about this and if you feel called to learn more, please watch below.


Let me know your thoughts.  Many people feel guilty about eating sweets and fearful that they can’t stop.  However, working them in when you need to versus avoiding then sneaking is the long-term way to manage them.

And one last thing, Tues, Nov 1 the doors open to own your own Support to Thrive During Holiday Eating.  It will be available til Dec 25, but I wouldn’t wait.  Make your plans now so that all the holiday meals between now and the end of the year feel more peaceful

Peaceful Eating,