Hello, Dear Ones,

​Learning to use your other intelligences (heart and gut) and senses are a way to shorten the time it can take to become a more attuned eater. Yet, we have not been taught to see moving, sensing or feeling as first line options in making peace with food.

We often try to “figure it out”, wondering if we are doing “it” wrong with our minds. We think we may be eating enough and get surprised when we are told we are not or get frustrated when we are hungry again in two hours. Or we eat and eat, berating ourselves mentally when what we need is compassionate, but firm reminding that we needed something and it is our job (with help if we can accept it) to hear what that is and making it safer to follow through.

Today, I invite you to stop looking with your head and eyes for the right answer to whatever food, body worry or self-growth concern you have and drop in, in whatever capacity that feels safe to you. 
No need to close your eyes if you don’t prefer that. 
Listen. Speaking our truth is sooo important to those watching and listening today because we probably have spent lots of our lives playing small for survival. I am all for us allowing ourselves to be heard.

Today though, for these few minutes, Open your ears (and other senses) for what might want to be heard from the inside out from yourself, whether it’s food, rest, play or just letting yourself be.

I would love to hear your comments on how this went.

I would also love to hear if there would be interest in a series of daily audios I am thinking of offering that explore this theme guiding enough quiet in our minds so that we can hear our hungers/satisfactions more clearly and help it feel safer to do so. 

It would be a series of 3-5 weeks of short, daily audios. The length is based on the time it takes to build neuropathways of new thinking and behavior.

If that is something you are interested in, please email me so that I can put this offering into motion.

I hope you heard what you were looking for.

So Sincerely


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