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Today’s post is simple yet difficult.  Unless you have been instructed otherwise by someone helping you move forward in your recovery from an eating disorder, I implore you to put away the scale.

Let’s give your life energy to focusing on how what you eat makes you feel physically, rather than believing certain foods can make your gain/lose weight, than hopping on the scale to confirm these beliefs.

You may be anxious when you don’t weigh.  That is okay and to be expected if you have spent months or years using the scale’s number to determine how “acceptable” you “get” to feel that day.

When you don’t weigh, you are declaring “I am willing to feel what I feel and figure out what that is about.  I may want to weigh myself, get into the story of that vs feel what I feel, but I am willing to show up for myself anyway.”

This is why giving up the scale is a challenge and needs your compassion.  You are doing great work by not weighing yourself.  It is a big deal.  At some point knowing your weight can be a neutral experience, but for now, let’s learn to be with yourself and trust your body can get you to the right weight for you.  If you need help with that, let us know!

In the comments below, please tell us what comes up for around the idea of not weighing yourself.  

Much Love