Do you know your hungers? Do you know where to find them within your body and how they manifest?

Image text states where is your hunger?

Are you aware of your hungers? I’m not just talking about food hungers but for belonging, connection, play quiet, for having a purpose?

When in recovery, if we have unmet needs within our body (of any kind), we will look to get those needs met through our food.

These needs will quite literally show up on your plate.

In addition, it’s important we know where our hunger are. When you have those unmet needs, where do you feel them? Are certain ones in your gut, maybe your chest or your face?

If we don’t have an awareness of what our hungers are, we will mistake them for something else and will use our defensive strategies (over/under eating, exercising, etc.). This will cause our hunger and fullness cues to be skewed.

Do you know how your body reacts when you’re feeling lonely, or wanting to a quieter pace in life?

This will look different for everyone.

Did you know, that you can’t always rely on our stomach growling as a hunger cue?

If we’re walking around life without an awareness of our hungers and expect our body to notify us to eat by our stomach growling – we might miss it!

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