I am an advocate of self-care all year round but since this is the “week of love” I provided a little extra reminder that you are a more grounded and present to yourself and others when you are well-fed, well-rested and remember to get your fill of other hungers (for play, holding; for slowing-down or powering-up).

If you are not for sure what you need with food, I have a little assignment for you.

If you didn’t worry about calories, what foods today would you eat?  Are you feeling attracted to something hot, cold, spicy, sweet, dense, light, chewy, crunchy, soft…. Now do you have it? If not, where can you get it?

What I want you to do is go out of your way today to eat what you really want.  At every meal.  If that is feeling like too much, what would be doable?  I want you to “impress” yourself by how well you listen to what you want and how you care for yourself.

Note how that feels.  It won’t be necessary in the future to eat every meal this way.  Sometimes we will eat what is best from what is available and not feel deprived.  The goal of this activity is to bring back some serious showing yourself you will treat yourself as well as you would treat others.

Would love to hear how it  went with showing the love to yourself with food (in a very attuned way of course!)

With my love and gratitude,