Wow, not sure about how you all are doing specifically, but generally it seems that emotion for many of those I work with struggling with food and weight concerns is high.  It’s high because a lot of the process we spend time in the ‘middle ground”.  That place of not knowing really what is going on.  The in between of not fully practiced at intuitive eating or not easily triggered yet knowing we don’t/can’t go back.  It naturally creates a lot of tension.

The specific story might be different.  Some of us may be judging our fear of eating enough or taking risks to eat with full permission, because we do know that this is the doorway to greater freedom.  Others of us are frustrated at the daily push-pull of not wanting to be jealous of a friend’s diet because we know it never worked the first 10 times we tried, yet we feel the longing anyway.  

What  I am suggesting is , instead of beating yourself up for feeling bad or judging yourself for where you are, how about bringing some acknowledgment that in the past you didn’t have enough resources or tools to manage the uncomfortable/traumatic/overwhelming feelings or situations  to not use food or weight worries to make it through the situation .

And you don’t have to have had terrible traumas or abandonment to feel overwhelmed enough to restrict or binge.  Just living as a human with the judgment and lack of compassion we have endured will leave sensitives with frayed, raw nerves that need SOMETHING to ease the lack of grounding in ourselves.

I hope this video reminds you of how strong you are for coming this far, being on this journey and that the road will feel less rough if you would allow for more compassion.  You are going to feel uncomfortable; it only makes sense to ready yourself with the comfort necessary to make the journey.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below.  Where do you judge yourself and how can you bring some compassion to the situation?

Be gentle ( but truthful) with yourself,