Do you find that you’ve been on this food recovery journey for what feels like a long time but you keep coming back to food feeling obsessive? In this week’s video series, I talk through some of the things that could be holding you back….. Have you not given yourself ‘real’ permission and you’ve been operating under a faux-permission? Are you racing and running and not getting clear about your needs and wants? Maybe you haven’t allowed yourself to simply eat the food and receive the feedback you need. Or maybe it’s time to silence the fear-based tapes and separate the fear from the biological responses that come from food. 

Still Obsessing Over Food Even Though You’re not Dieting?

Are you consistently circling back to food feeling obsessive even when you’ve been in recovery for what feels like a long time? Have you considered that maybe you’ve given yourself ‘faux-permission’ and maybe it’s time to stop doubting that there is something wrong with you and realizing that maybe there’s some some misinformation or things you don’t know.

When I Look at People’s Food, Here’s What I See

Have you been stuck in semi-recovery for years? Maybe it’s time to simply allow yourself to eat the food and receive the biological feedback needed to know what your body wants and needs, rather than giving into the fear-based tapes. I want to encourage you to listen to the biological responses and learn how to separate that from the fear.


What Did You Notice this Week about Food Clarity?

Slowing down… a major key to breaking through racing and running around to even realize that we’re maybe restricting. Diet culture is all about deprivation and keeping you in a shame cycle of you’re not good enough… but you don’t have to stay there.