Hi friends

I know right now all of our worlds are different.

Some of us the change in routine is revving up that old threat response system and it just feels like vague revved upped-ness inside.

And maybe because of this, some might find themselves pacing around to the kitchen, wanting to eat but not hungry or putting off eating all-together.

Please notice this and give yourself a big deep, rib expanding breath, push against the wall, and get some clarity about what you might really need.

Or maybe, perfectionism about the new, work and school from home schedule is kicking in, and the opporunity to learn to go at slower pace is being missed with trying to get the food perfectly cooked 3 times a day, all things done, no messiness,etc.

Again, maybe catch this too. Is food worry in the mind actually helping or might the body being resourced through a stretch, a nap, a call, music, painting move that adrenaline around?

And maybe the food fears or lack of what is wanted of old are bubbling up.

Yes, this may be a time of not having “exactly the just right thing” on our plates that moment.

But maybe, just maybe, we can learn navigation of growing our capacity for this and that we are not like the old days restricting ourselves on purpose.

And that we hopefully have other kinds of nourishment too.

I am here to support. I’ll be doing lots of lives this week over on facebook https://www.facebook.com/tracybrownrd/videos/194107652034231/ and writing more on the blog to help us get through this time and put more self-care in to keep recovery strong.

I will be doing videos and posts about worries about food variety triggering binging, anxiousness about change creating clamping down on food and isolating and so much more.

Connect with me at www.tracybrownrd.com/get-started if you feel like the silence and difference is too much.

With much care

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PS: If you are looking for more support,

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