Developing the grit and grace to inhabit your body

Text image says Moving From Avoiding to Inhabiting

We are where we are right now and it’s our job to take care of this body to the best of our abilities right now.

When we make the shift from dieting/binging to not doing those things, our bodies will change.

When we do that, we will bump into things that we hadn’t before. 

Rather than dissociating from that experience, having radical curiosity to notice those changes and work with them rather than against them, is the way to go.

So why do we avoid instead of inhabiting our bodies?

Unfortunately, as we journey through this life, we bump up against either people or programming that cause us to look at ourselves in a way that isn’t facts or doesn’t involve having ‘soft eyes’.

We end up treating our body like it is the problem, the failure, when in reality that’s how we are viewing ourselves.

If our body seems to be the source of the pain, we need to check that. 

Did our body really cause that or did something happen to us that wasn’t within our control?

We have the opportunity to separate the beliefs and the feelings from the physicality of your body.

Your body isn’t the issue. You have an opportunity to work through the feelings that come up. And you get to fully inhabit your entire being.

Let’s dive in…