It’s so easy to get into a food rut. It’s part of the ebb and flow of food recovery. In this week’s videos, I give some very pragmatic advice and suggestions on how you can navigate a food rut and not let it become deprivation eating in the long run.


Food Ruts – Here’s What to Do

When the containment of dieting goes away, we still need the ‘containment eating meals and snacks so we don’t just graze and snack and never feel full or satisfied. In this video, I give some pragmatic advice on ways you can get out of a food rut.

If You’re Going to be in the Kitchen, Make it Last

When you’re in the kitchen, make plans to make your efforts last and count….here’s what I mean. Let’s say you’re making a casserole that’s going into the oven. Since the oven is already on, maybe throw in some vegetables to roast as well. Maximize your time using the oven and being in the kitchen to support yourself throughout the week with food that’s already made and available.


Food Ruts Ebb and Flow : Be Patient but Don’t Ignore

Food ruts come into play many times because we’re too busy, overwhelmed or simply shut down. Here’s my suggestion to you : be patient. Give yourself grace to figure out what you need to do to get out of the rut. It may be more simple than you think.