Hi friends!

I have missed being here with you all. It’s been a whirl-wind of a summer with more kid time, family trips, creating lots of actionable making peace with food videos over on FB and Youtube, creating a new trauma and recovery course to help other RD’s and coaches be more equipped to help people and not do harm and finally my own growth work.

So yeah, I’ve been kinda stretched. How about you?

When I get stretched, it’s time to actually not push through like I used to try to do, but actually slow down.

So if you are going through a time with more stress and you tend to move towards emotional over OR under-eating, it’s time to employ some tools to slow things down and bring the comfort and relief you might be hungry for instead of food being the only go-to.

One of the tools we’ve been working on this summer is this tool for you. It’s free and no opt-in at this time. Just a gift from you to me so we can all live a fuller life. So you can take the time you deserve to create the life you’ve wanted without reaching for what doesn’t satisfy — restricting or over-eating because that’s what we are used to.

Here it is; https://docs.google.com/document/d/15I4HrVFlfehMgcsGBFFS01B2Jcjr3LNlFoPIthSshyA 

I can’t wait to hear back from you when you use it and how it helped you. When we keep layering tools to our attuned eating efforts, we understand the depths how to meet the different needs of our life, especially when things get busy.

Much care and peaceful eating!

PS: here is that link again

PS: If you are looking for more support,

1) Enjoy these free case studies with tips how to have freedom from food and weight worries: http://bit.ly/2IfVZp2bodypeace

2) Put to use today these action resources to help you learn about eat without being obsessed or on a diet or worrying about your weight: www.tracybrownrd.com/free-gifts

3) Introduce yourself here: https://www.tracybrownrd.com/get-started. I love hearing from people about where you've come from and what your dreams are for full freedom from weight and food worries.

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