​Hello dear one,

There is never a time of the year when diet culture isn’t trying to trigger our old wounds of feeling not good enough; that truly what it’s aim is to do. As we sneak up on the end of the year, you might feel dread in your body about the coming or already hearing commercials about “getting your best body ever” same old stuff.

I hope this message is a rallying call to provide yourself more self care, more checking in, more satisfaction with your food.

If you are feeling like you are brand new to recovery and IE work or are on the road to making it the NEW autopilot that combines body awareness and honoring, having comfort in the skin you are in and having capacity to manage stress without leaning on food as the main go-to AND want some one on one time….

I am excited to offer my annual session discounts to help you more quickly grown more experience with the tools that we need trust our bodies, un-couple fears about weight and worth and learn new skills that keep us present, vital and grounded.

From Dec 2-8th, I am offering “buy as many as you want” of one on one sessions with me for $100, regularly $175.  

These are sessions where we will work together to:

  • Settle your system to be more compassionate
  • Learn your particular cues of hunger and fullness
  • Get support through re-feeding
  • Slow downs tress responses to feel safer in your environment which leads to more IE
  • Give yourself what you are hungering for if it isn’t food
  • Decoding cravings, emotional eating, and “I Feel Fat”
  • Joyful movement
  • Body image restoration — You weren’t born hating your body; it can be unlearned
  • And lots more…

Because this is a process, I recommend more than just one session, but if you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to work with me, this is a great way to get started.

For those who want all the above AND me daily for meal support, staying grounded and seen and heard, I offer 1 month intenstive packages regularly for $1000 but this week, for $600. It’s a great way to give yourself a jumpstart or to focus on an issue that you like a breakthrough around.

I love offering this each year and have seen many people breakthrough some stuck places around food and body image once they gave themselves the permission to have the help they have been hungering for.

If this feels like you, click the option you would like below. Once you do, I will connect with you as soon as possible to start the process of scheduling and first session onboarding with information you need.

Much care,

PS: here are the options of support again:

paypal.me/tracybrownrd/600 for one month 4 sessions, unlimited text

paypal.me/tracybrownrd/   you fill in the number of sessions you want for $100 each!