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Hello Loves
In the US, Sunday was Mother’s Day and the focus was on mom.  Our mom and our role as mother to our children and others we serve.

Whether we were lucky to have an unconditional and easy  relationship or not, it’s vital that we mother ourselves.

I often remind my clients that part of healing our relationship with food and weight will be being willing to be fiercely compassionate towards ourselves.  We will discover blocks we might want to judge, we many want to be harsh with ourselves if we don’t always eat intuitively or have days that even when we want to like our bodies but  it’s hard.

This is where our mothering to ourselves comes in.  Can you be kind to yourself as you would a child or your children?  Because if not, it will be a longer road to feeling safe enough to learn and grow.

I nudge you to notice one thing you give yourself a hard time about with your food or weight and talk to yourself as if you were talking to your 4 yo self.  I believe you will see how much you are doing your best and with a little support and compassion, things will get better.

Mama Hugs,