Diet culture always seem to be on high alert this time of year, preying on whoever it can. This year, let’s fight back.

taking care this holiday season in the midst of diet culture

This week’s videos don’t necessarily go together, but they also do.

While the title of this blog post is focused on fighting back against diet culture rearing it’s ugly head this time of year, both of these videos are beneficial to who we can show up for ourselves and others during, what some would say, is the most challenging time of year for those walking through an intuitive eating journey.

Let’s break it down by video :

What Do You Have Time for Today?

The reality is is that we don’t have time to make our care and our voice a priority.

Many of us have 20 balls in our hands and are juggling 10 different ones at any given time.

We can find ourselves dealing first with the balls that, if they were dropped, but break instead of bounce.

Unfortunately, our care (while important), gets dubbed as a rubber ball when it might actually be glass.

This can cause an imbalance of priorities leading to apathy and a lack of motivation.

My encouragement to you is to take time, even if you have to hide in the bathroom and you only have 5 seconds, and get really clear about how you want your next week to go with food, your sleep, your relationships.

Then decide and determine what is internally nourishing for you and get rid of the rest.

Diet Culture is Stealing Your Time, Money and Mind

This time of year, around the holidays, diet culture seems to come out in full force and rear its ugly head more than usual.

If we’re not regularly vigilant about our thoughts and emotions, diet culture will begin to creep in.

Hang on to your values and who you know you’re becoming.

Don’t give in to the thing that is bright and sparkly and never works anyway (ya know, diet culture….).