When our health numbers are too high or too low, that typically isn’t considered a ‘good thing’ by the medical world. But what happens when we stop being ruled by the numbers and trackers and they no longer mean anything?

health numbers

When Our Health Numbers are just Numbers

We’re all taught that your blood pressure should be below a certain number, your BMI should be less than a certain percent and all your other ‘health numbers’ need to be in line.

We also wear trackers and have apps that tell us how many steps we are supposed to take in a day and how much we’re supposed to move or eat.

But ask yourself this…where did it all come from?

Maybe these things come from a place of trying to motivate ourselves to move or eat a certain way.

I believe it’s quite dangerous to base your health and wellness on one number. And that one number is used across the board for all people (think blood pressure, A1C, etc.).

Many times family history, genetics, current health, possible illnesses, etc. are not taken into account when these barometers for ‘health’ are used.

Find a range of health numbers that you can settle on.

In my practice with my clients, I like to find a range of numbers having taken into consideration as many factors as we possibly can.

Where does your body seem to land when you’re eating from hunger and fullness? Where do you feel your best when you’ve been restored with weight and nutrition?

Oftentimes the weight our body wants to be at and the weight we want to be at are not the same number.

Let us learn to give space for ourselves and what our body needs rather than the number that diet culture tells us is acceptable.

Ask yourself this, ‘what would it look like if my life was no being led by the numbers?’

The numbers aren’t inherently bad. They are information that is being given to us.

The problem comes when we’re ruled by that information. We base our entire lives, and even our worth, on how low we can get the numbers or ‘how good they are’.

Your health and wellness is a total picture, taking everything into consideration.

It’s not a number that is said to have meaning.

P.S. If you’re looking for community within the Intuitive Eating world, head over to the Peaceful Eating Community to find more information. We’re a group who is committed to being a part of each other’s journey and being a safe place.