How we sense physically in our bodies, our brain makes note of.

You can usually know how healed your body image is based on the essence of how you are within your body.

Some questions to ask yourself and observe are :

  1. Are you able to contain your emotions or are they spilling everywhere?
  2. How are your boundaries? Are they wide open, permeable, unbounded or contained?
  3. How is your balance?
  4. Is your musculature in line with your body type and size or have you over-masculatured yourself in safety?
  5. How is your body spatial awareness? Are you running into a lot of things?
  6. How’s your breathing? Is it normal, fast, slowed?

Part of the process of healing our body image is weighing the cost vs. reward of pursuing weight loss for physical comfort.

We cannot be in denial of the cost and need to ask ourselves if the costs outweighs the benefits.

Let’s dive more into what it looks like to heal your body image in the videos below.