It’s great when you have a roadmap, right? 

For many of us, myself included, I wasn’t always sure if I was on the right track in recovery given I didn’t have any female role models of embodiment around food, body and emotions.

Today, I wanted to share a re-print of a resource made by mentors of mine. In the pdf, you will see just a few of the benchmarks non-diet, intuitive eating, health at every size, trauma informed practitioners aim to practically guide you towards.

If I were to add to the list, it would be this:

1)  By slowing down and building safety in your own skin to be in NOW time, we are giving ourselves the ability for clarity on needs and a knowing of what satisfies and what doesn’t, the clarity of how to reach for our needs with agency and the clarity of taking in what satisfies in a just right way.

2) By allowing the body to be at it’s what is best for it now weight, we are saying we deserve to take up space and that we reject that the body is our source saying we deserve to exist.  

We recommend you print this list off to review every week to act as a tool to help you stay on track.

If you need more accountability or nuance of how you can personally recover from chronic dieting, eating disorders or body image issues, please reach out!

Talk to you soon!

Tracy and team