I hope you are ready for much self compassion this week.  In a week of food, and being around people who may have opinions about food and weight, it is important to think about how you want to feel.  My knowing what you want to feel and how you want this week to go, you can then be prepared to not get too hungry, stop when your belly has had enough and fill yourself with love, space, joy, quiet, ease, fun so that you don’t have to restrict to not feel overwhelmed or stuff to create a boundary.

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Yesterday, I held my first of two holiday eating classes.  JH, from the class, said, ” (there were) lots of helpful tips on how to prep for holiday time.  Great handouts with quotes.  Love the “Hand it over Box” and the handouts on how to respond to relatives”.

If you missed it, I will have one more in-person class in December.  Contact me if interested in joining us and keep posted here for the dates/times.

I also will be offering a low cost audio version of the class.  Again, will email within the week with details!

Finally here is one last article to keep you grounded around the holidays with good boundaries.

If you are struggling, I will be available for one on one emergency appointments via phone or skype this weekend (Sat and Sun after Thanksgiving) and text support on Thanksgiving and the day after.  Please call me at 352-258-8220 for details and costs.

I wish you a Thanksgiving week of permission to eat, rest and have joy.  I wish for you to know your hungers and when you’ve had enough and to plan with reverence for what you like vs trying to be virtuous with food.

Much love and peaceful eating