Happy New Year!  I hope these darker, slower days brought you snuggly time, time for reflection and grounding.  Appreciation and joy for what we are fortunate to have, to give and receive.  If you had a hard time, I ask for grace for you and hope you find solace in your strength.

My note for all today and for the days to come as the cultural focus is on weight loss and resolutions is for us to stay quiet so we can listen to where our focus really needs to be:  On how this dynamic, inter-connected body-heart-mind-soul of ours needs us to listen, then act.  Act with focus and respect.

Know there will be an intensity of “lose weight to be your best self BS” energy pulling at you to lose faith.  Even though you know that it won’t work (the science is clear too), weight loss is sold in all kinds seductive “be healthy/happy/confident with our plan” in sheep’s clothing. Know that you are here because you are a leader and a maverick of breaking the chains of reliance of the “other” to rescue your from your fear of not-enough-ness and are on the path of filling up with yourself.

Commit to your self-care routines and continue to look for  inspiration for attuned eating.  Reflect on how much
you learned this year about making peace with food and how this can ground you if you use it as a
positive resource!  Make every day one of curiosity, courage and compassion to learn about the wisdom of your body vs view your body as the enemy, as the diet 

I also want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for reading my posts, watching my Youtube
videos and giving me space in your inbox, mind and heart.  It is a honor and I hope to continue to serve
and inspire you on an upgraded level this coming year!

Finally, check out my new site, home of Attuned Eating for Attuned Living, for more info how you can get step
by step guidance to help you learn to eat “normally” again and get off the diet yo-yo cycle,” only like my body
(at least for a while) when I lose weight” way of livng.  I know for all of  those you walk through the
threshold and do the work, you will get back more in freedom than any amount of money you could ever invest.

To that end, enjoy my video of Appreciation to YOU and Appreciation for Recovery from Food and Body
Image Issues.  We are going to place our attention on our freedom this year and become more of who we really
are , which will over-shadow the diet culture, making it personally obsolete.

​ Please share the love!

Have a beautiful day and super excited for what is possible for us all in !