I has been a long time since I posted.  For many reasons, primarily me needing to cocoon up and slow my 
life down a bit.  This is hard for a “doer” like me that is nourished by connection, even if we never speak to each other.  My work in the world has been limited to ushering my clients towards their version of freedom and ease in their bodies with food and creating safety in their bodies to feel the feelings that have for so long needed tending.  
 I cut back on my complimentary calls and creations, which is sad and now feels like the time to birth
what’s next into the world. 

I also needed a break to focus more on my move, settling in to our new home and my own personal growth 
and learning.  These were all big time investments that were scary, as is every move out of our comfort zones, 
but ones we must pursue in order to progress our freedom and becoming.
That being said, I am committed to re-creating this space for us all as a doorway into healing your relationship with food and body image.
  This summer I will be mixing up the posts in the form of writings, interviews, video and audio to keep
 it interesting for us all.
If you have any requests for topics you would love to see addressed, please email me at and I will add it to the list to answer and discuss.

Now on to the video!

 I had the pleasure of sitting down with Sarah Grace, a blogger and soon-to-be RD with a focus on sports nutrition, attuned eating and creative recipes.  We discuss resiliency in the Attuned Eating process, one quick example of when people are dieting what to do and general hope that you can become free from the diet mentality.  Enjoy!

And just in case you didn’t see the first video you did last summer, it’s below.

Have a great week!