We have a special treat today.  I had the opportunity to interview Brittany Rouille.  Brittany is living a life in recovery from food and weight worries, thriving as an yoga instructor, writer and motivational speaker and adventurer.  In our interview, Brittany and I discuss recovery tips to go from the beginning of being scared to take risks to eat to renourish her brain and body and what worked for her, using that nourishment to find her passions and now the birthing of her book, Heartully Healed, a beautiful journal useable for whatever shape, size and time in your journey towards healing your relationship with food and body you are.

Click on the Audio Acrobat button to listen.  Please skip to minute 2:28 for the actual start of the interview.  There is some very annoying static that I couldn’t get rid of 🙂  Otherwise, Enjoy!

More about Brittany’s Book

With over fifty journals and thousands of pages to choose from, Brittany’s unique collection of photographs, drawings, words and clippings reveals her soul-strengthening experience of recovery from an Eating Disorder.

Through journaling, Brittany was able to let go and embrace her spirit, ultimately allowing her to make room for the creative life of recovery that awaits us all. Her honest words and insightful drawings show you that not only is recovery possible, but it it can be unimaginably beautiful as well. 

Her journey has given her a fearless belief in the power that creativity and spirituality can play in overcoming life’s deepest and darkest challenges. Find out more about her continuing journey and to get the book to to BrittanyRouille.com

Hope you enjoyed this interview.  Recovery from binge eating, bulimia, anorexia and chronic weight and food worries is possible.  You can learn to become an Attuned Eater to free your life up, live a more divinely-connected life and attract people who love what is amazing about you, not try to get people who have their own worries about weight to care about you.  To find out how Attuned Eating can help you, schedule your free 20 min coaching session with me at tracybrownrd@gmail.com

Peaceful Eating