As infants, when we cry, we are expecting that our needs are going to get met.

Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.

If our needs are met early on in life, we tend to trust that they will continue to get met as we progress through life.
This obviously isn’t always the case. However, how we begin is a good indicator of how we’ll progress and remain.

Basic Biological Needs

Every human has basic biologic needs that need to get met. They are : air, food, water, shelter, sleep.

From there, our needs progress to include safety, intimacy and a sense of belonging, self-actualization, a sense of purpose, etc.

When our Needs Don’t Get Met

When our needs don’t get met through the appropriate avenues, we will express them in other ways.

For some of us that avenue is through our food.

Maybe we over or under eat, over or under exercise or maybe we believe that food is the only thing that won’t hurt you.

Wherever you find yourself, let’s dive deeper in the two videos below :