Getting Clear about weight loss

When it comes to dieting and weight loss, there truly is nothing ‘new under the sun’. All the trends and quick fix diets you see now are simply recycled diets from 50 years ago.

This time of year (being at time of writing it’s January), we can find ourselves inundated with diet culture, new year’s resolutions and needs for a ‘better (maybe skinnier) you’.

No matter how seasoned or new you are in recovery, there can still be the temptation to believe that you would feel or be better by doing X, Y, or Z thing when this commentary is so prevalent.

At this point, there is no evidence to support that quick-fix diets equal long-term health.

And what happens, when we pursue the quick route, we miss out on an opportunity to heal our wounds and build resiliency for the journey.

It’s important for us to get clear about what weight loss will give and do for us. And what do we have to exchange in order for that to continue?

The place of opportunity here is to un-blend from the emotions and feelings and simply observe.

Then ask yourself, what is it that you are feeling desperate to escape from and that you think dieting will fix? What does the pull feel like? And how can be then make the decision to not run to dieting.

A few things to remember regarding weight loss…

  • The praise of people after losing weight loss won’t last. It would be weird if people only commented on the weight you’ve lost. At that point, you’ve become invisible and simply a body to be commented on. This will eventually erode the hit you received from that praise.
  • Don’t believe the lie that this is just the way things are, that you’re never going to get better and there’s something inherently wrong with you. Take an objective look (or ask someone else) and realize that this simply isn’t the case with anything in life.

If you would like help along your journey, please reach out. We invite you to set up a 1:1 clarity call or to check out our Peaceful Eating Community.