Hi dears

When it comes to nutrition and learning to become an Intuitive, Attuned eater, I tend to use a process of listening to and honoring body signals and full permission to eat before I even discuss nutrition.  The reason is it is really difficult, if not impossible, to make food changes based on true self-care when you are constantly hoping any food changes you  will result in weight loss.

Food changes coming from a place of acceptance and self love vs fear and self-hatred is preferable of course. The latter will sabotage breaking free from food and weigh obsession every time.

However , I know that sometimes if there is an imbalance or underlying condition (PCOS, stomach or intestinal issues, etc) we do need to address the nutrition part of things sometimes sooner than later.  But I will tell you, depending on what is the healthiest thing, we might start with self care practices (supplements, stress management, sleep,etc) first even in these conditions because changing food too soon can just be downright triggering and start another dieting or binge cycle, defeating the whole purpose of starting where we are at and cultivating compassion.  

The purpose of the next two videos is to address this issue.  This video is part one in the series; an interview with a MD friend of mine is coming up next week!

Please , share with any one trying to work through health situations with Intuitive Eating.  It could save them loads of frustration.  Leave your experiences or comments below!

Peaceful Eating