​Hi all,

I want to connect with you all more deeply on, well, this freedom work we all are here to do.

You might be here because you’re curious about this intuitive eating and living thing.  Maybe you are wanting support or ready to take it to the next level and have someone dive deep with you.  For those of you don’t know me well, I am a deep diver; I don’t do much small talk.

I see people’s potential right off the bat, whether on the phone, video or in person, so pretty quickly I can tell you where you are headed to have the freedom from weight and food worries you desire. 

Or if your nervous system is in chronic fight, flight or freeze, leaving you not knowing how to slow down or how to care for yourself as fully as you would like. 

 Or if you have fears about being as free as part of you wants to be.

That’s right.  Most of us ( I know I did) had lots of blocks around being free from restricting, binging and over-exercising.  I was scared to death to learn to have better boundaries and speak up to get me needs met.  So afraid that what I wanted or who I am was too much.  What people would think about me.

If you relate to any of this, join me in today’s video, where we dive into one of the areas with some journaling prompts for you to get curious about one of everyone’s fears about the Intuitive Eating Process:

Weight Gain

Before you head to the video below, here is the schedule for and the sign up not to miss the FREE trainings coming up through the end of the year to support you!

Sept 13:  What Stops Full Permission to Eat and What to Do
Oct 11: Health and Intuitive Eating: Ask Your Questions
Nov 8: Holiday Intuitive Eating
Dec 6: Getting Clearer about What Holds You Back from Letting Go of the Cycle Sometimes Being Okay with your Body and Food, Sometimes Not

All Dates are on a Wed at 730pm eastern 

For now, get out your pen and paper, watch the video and if you have questions, connect here or at tracybrownrd@gmail.com

Finally, if you are ready for a deeper level of inquiry around your food, weight, movement and how going through this doorway will help your nervous system regulate, which absolutely creates more freedom in your life,  you are invited to a free call with me here: http://meetme.so/TracyBrown

Freedom from weight worries is not a dream.