For those of us who are highly sensitive (and I’m guessing there’s a large portion here who are), coming out of a weekend or period of time, such as Thanksgiving or the holidays, and getting back into routine can be challenging and even overwhelming. So how do we listen to our bodies and not just fight through and power forward but to remain in tuned  and curious to our needs.


A nourishment barrier is when we are struggling to take in what is good for us. That can look like not eating quite enough, consistently eating to overfull, not trusting yourself, etc. Creating a stabilized routine will help you begin to get accurate body signals which will then allow you the ability to separate responses on how you’re feeling and why.


When it comes to attuned eating and navigating the holidays and being out of our routine, those of us who are highly sensitive often struggle to get out of the place of overwhelm and back into a routine. Making things not so ‘big’ slowing down and making notes to ourselves are all great ways to fight the overwhelm and to avoid just powering through.