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Hello dears,
Yes it is the day, Valentine’s Day.  I have a neutral relationship about this day finally.  I used to hate it when I was younger (yeah the only teen/early 20’s girl I was sure didn’t have a boyfriend or when I did, they were super lame about acknowledging “our love”) Yuck.

This was part yes to not such good relationships but mostly my lack of love for myself.  Not acknowledging my needs or wants and certainly not providing for myself what I might want and expecting others to fill that hole.

So my message for you today is this.  If you aren’t feeling loved, look in the mirror.  You can find something loveable beneath all the reasons you think you aren’t.  You deserve to eat what you want when you want.  Your food intake is separate from your worth and any belief other than that is based in slick moralistic marketing.

Today, be your own beloved.  Bestow the attention you need to feel filled up.  Take that walk when you don’t think you have the time.  Sit in the grass or on the beach; even in the snow and just soak in the beauty of nature. Buy the fancy soap or the  new underwear.  Go to that movie you REALLY want to see.   If you need something from someone, you had better ask, because even if they adore you, they can’t read your mind.

So if you are like, once hating this day, invite this messenger in as an opportunity to look at your capacity to be loving with yourself.

​With my love,