Let’s talk about food satisfaction and hunger – what to do when we find ourselves staring at the cabinets but we just ate AND what to do when you’re hungry and don’t know what to eat.

food satisfaction

Do you ever find yourself physically full (maybe you just ate not that long ago) but you find yourself staring at the cabinets hungry?

Or maybe you are ready to eat but don’t know what you want.

These are common occurrences in recovery regarding food satisfaction and hunger.

When we’re a part of diet culture we become consumed with maintaining the ‘should’s’ and ‘suppose to’s’.

We think more about what we need to eat to fulfill the points, the numbers, the macros, etc. instead of thinking about what we ACTUALLY WANT to eat.

When we’re not eating from a place of feeling satisfied afterwards, we begin the journey towards deprivation and restriction.

This will, of course, leave us still feeling hungry. We certainly ate food but we didn’t leave the table satisfied with what we ate.

In order to navigate this, we must be willing to leave space in our day to eat those things that we really enjoy.

I always liked having a few ‘go-to’ options on hand that I could always pull on.

I asked myself, ‘If I could have anything in the world, what would be it?’.

And then I tried to have those things available when I either wanted something I really liked or was feeling hungry but didn’t know what to eat. This is important when the goal is getting fed.

Reminder to you to be gentle with yourself as you begin to ask yourself what you really want.

If you find yourself struggling with the satisfaction piece, dive deeper with this blog post on the topic.