Food barriers will always exist. Here’s how to shift your mindset and use them to your advantage.

Image text states Don't let the food barriers keep you back.

When we learn and choose to be grounded in the fact that food barriers will always exists, nothing can hold you back.

Food barriers aren’t personal. They’re not just happening to you.

Whew! What a relief! Please know that you are not along when things get hard!

When we make the step to move away from dieting, bingeing, etc., we lose the buffers that they gave us. This can bring up a lot of B I G emotions.

The important thing to do is to learn to unglue ourselves from the thoughts, feelings and emotions that come. The next step is to observe them from a place of safety to discern what’s truly going on. When we’re ‘in it’ (the emotions), it’s too easy to feel that it’s all a part of us, it’s who we are etc.

One of the biggest barriers I see for people is living in the past. Maybe they’re still trying to be a part of the dominant culture like they once were. We can also become paralyzed when going to the doctors because we want our healthcare professionals to think highly of us. Whatever the case may be, this things are part of it.

These barriers exist and we have the opportunity to acknowledge them for what they are and not let them stop us from moving forward on our journey.

There comes a point when we get to surrender control to the process and learn to just ‘be’.

Check out the two videos below where I talk more in-depth about what it means to embrace the barriers for what they are and how we can use them as tools on our journey with food recovery.

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