Hello dear hearts,

I know recovery and in general life sometimes seems like we are looping on the same old thing.

Why can’t I stop when I’m full?

I’ve been doing intuitive eating for 2 weeks, 2 years, etc and I’m “still” not done?

When am I ever going to accept that I like to eat dessert daily, walk and not run, have cream in my coffee, weigh more than my doctor or grandma says I should?

It’s hard.

And easy to get down on ourselves.

However the fact that you are even in this fight for your food and body liberation is HOPEFUL!

Not just because others have said it’s possible but you are wanting it.  

I want you to think about this.  Maybe you are just a step away.

So, I want you to

1) Reflect on what you have already learned and where you’ve come from.

 You’ve already done HARD things!

2) Let’s say you want to accept your size or accept that yes, restraining your food to be less is causing you pain.

Have hope that you can be the empowered caretaker of your body and self worth by REMEMBERING you were born to do this.

Seriously.  We are born wired for connection and appreciation for ourselves.  Diet culture is the one that convinces of that we can’t be loveable based on size.

By connecting with the idea and reminding ourselves of the places in our lives currently where we competent and wanted adults, we can connect that part with the younger scared parts that are don’t believe so.

3)  If you don’t ever stop checking in with what is best for you, your body and your life and  get the support your need, you can always have HOPE that things will continue to progress.

I’ll leave you with this HOPE video today to remind yourself that we don’t always need to focus on what isn’t going well but what is.