Hi all

I’ve missed my visits to your inbox; I don’t take it lightly as I know we are all “full up” of reading from our phones and computers.  None the less, I am grateful and humbled if you find what I am sharing helpful.

Whew, I have been busy.  Talking to lots of people about the group Intuitive Eating program that started this week.  One group has happened and it’s amazing how quickly we can “see”  ourselves in another, even if the details are different, the parallels make us know we are not alone.

If you are interested in knowing more about how to get on board, get more free from food and weigh worries than you ever had and meet some cool people on the same path as you, follow the link

http://bit.ly/tracyb-claritycallprofessionals It’s a free call and undivided attention from me to see how we can create the transformation you are desiring.


Something that I love to talk about and that can feel sticky sometimes is the topic of movement.  

We were born to do it, yet have value judgment just like with food about how we should do it.  

Let’s talk today about the bottom line.  

It’s okay to want to move your body.  Our bodies are meant to move.  If we don’t want to, it’s because we have either 

1)  Been shamed into moving based on size or strength and using fitness to “fix that”.
2)  Been teased for our skill or lack there of in moving
3) Burned out by over-training, whether as a kid in sports or gym-going
4) Trauma-associated sensations that make exertion feel triggering
5) Feeling like we can’t make time because other things are more a priority
6) Afraid we will go back to feeling obsessive about it…

There are more.  Certainly contact me if you have more ideas.

And there are those of us you use exercise to burn calories, punish the body and chase an unattainably non-lasting “look” that you have to give up your precious time and life for.  I know it numbs you out and give you a false sense of confidence and accomplishment, but what happens when you miss a day…. you know what hits the fan!

The point is, we can get back the MOTIVE of movement being about feeling alive, vital or whatever INTRINSIC motivator you have vs only moving to get people off your back, burn calories, RUN AWAY from your feelings, or because you think you should.

​You don’t have to do anything.  But if you want to , watch below to discuss the HOW!

When you are ready, find something you enjoy, take the pressure off by reducing the time/intensity etc, and remember that you have say.  You don’t have to beat some number of something you did yesterday.  Pay attention to what you need NOW.

All my best 

If you are wanting to chat about working with me or in group, space is waiting for you.