Hi dear ones,

I realized that I don’t talk a lot of movement or exercise.  It’s really interesting because that is a part of living in an attuned way with our bodies.  It’s also more interesting because I was an athlete and a personal trainer in another life.

In today’s videos I started talking about relationship to movement, sports, obsession — and it turned into 2 videos.

So I thought I would gift  a free mini class on looking at your history with movement,  how that shapes how you see movement today and a few steps on how to progress from either obsession with movement or just not moving much at all.

I am hoping for some participation from you all around this because I believe moving is our birthright. Little ones like to roll, crawl, walk, run, spin, hop and dance and the reason that we don’t do this because of the pressure of what it has to look like or accomplish.  We have learned it’s either a means to change the body or it has to be hard to matter.

I am over all of this; you?  Leave your comments below or shoot me an email, tracybrowrd@gmail.com and let me know what movement before trying to change your weight was like and where you want it to go?

Let’s see if we can get this moving for you together (no punishing regimens required).