I had an agenda for this week.  I was going to video about the emotional indicators of what freedom from food and weight worries looks like.  But it didn’t want to flow.  I have said the words hundreds of times and  I recognize there is much soul and passion behind them, but I am feeling heavy and they won’t flow.  That is how being down and in operates.  We can’t often be in flow until we tend to what needs tended.

Very gratefully I recognize the heaviness is not about my body size, but what my body is holding.

So I went outside and dropped in.

For me, slowing down and as a bonus,  getting outside, gets me grounded and able to navigate the feelings of heaviness in my chest, my belly, my shoulders that I used to blame on “I feel fat” and feverishly try to “fix the body” with restriction and over-exercise then binging to move that energy.

The times for blaming our bodies are over my dears.  Provide yourself a safe space, dip your toe down into your body and notice what she/he wants to tell you.  It will lead you deeper into your freedom.


I want to thank all newcomers to my blog and videos.  I appreciate and honor both old and new watchers for your courage to keep on your journey toward coming home to yourself, which is what making peace with food and body is really all about.

Please keep an eye out as I will be announcing the launch of Attuned Eating for Attuned Living very soon, a 6-month journey with support and tools you can use now, and from the comfort of your home.

Much love to you all!