Hi all,

Welcome new readers!  I am glad you’re here.  I invite all comments and questions, so please don’t be shy.  That goes for my long-time readers too ;).

Before  I get  into this week’s post, I wanted to let you all know that  Eating Support to Thrive During the Holidays will be open Nov 1!  In it contains a 45 min audio plus many worksheets to help you plan to not just survive, but actually feel more prepared for holiday meals and situations around food from others that may come up.
I will probably also do 1-2 FB live discussions for questions related to the class that I will announce on my newsletter; if you signed up for my guide you will get the dates on that 😉

Finally, Jan 1, 2017 I will be FINALLY be opening the portal for Attuned Eating for Attuned Living.  It is the program  I have wanted to create for my younger self for years and   I am excited to offer it to you!  I will send out another email soon about it and keep you posted about the details.  I will have a call about it soon too so you can ask all the questions you want about the freedom that is waiting for you from food and weight worries!


Two weeks ago  I discussed freedom from food and weight worries from a physical perspective.  What it looks like, what behaviors go along with it,etc.  If you didn’t see it, head here.

This week we are moving on to some juicer stuff, the emotionality of being free from food and weight concerns. People ask me in the beginning,  I don’t even know what life will feel like if I didn’t obsess about food. If I don’t use food as the container of what I feel.

If that question is on your mind, this video is for you.  Please take the time to watch and fill yourself up with what is possible. 

After watching this, what stirs in you?  Do you long for this way of life?  Does it scare you?  If yes, explore that.  What is that wanting to teach you?

If you don’t want to speak here, please email me at tracybrownrd@gmail.com and I will respond.

You are so much more than these food worries; in fact, it is not you at all.


PS: Nov 1 the portal is open for Eating Support to Thrive During the Holidays!