Do you find that you feel you struggle to make any ‘real’ progress in your eating disorder recovery?

There are so many mental, emotional and physical things wrapped up in our body image issues, our bingeing, purging, etc. No one just decides to have an eating disorder.

Let’s talk about 7 reasons why you may be having a hard time making progress :

Why Eating Disorder Recovery can be Hard

If you’re bingeing, purging, having body image worries continuously, consider these things :

  1. Eating issues / body image worries are a function of a way to connect or belong.
  2. They can be a way to substitute having relationships.
  3. They can be a way to have an identity.
  4. They can be a way we express emotion.
  5. They can be a way to express our needs.
  6. They can be a tool to regulate over-/under-activation.
  7. They are a way to negotiate being in the world.

All 7 of these are things to consider if we struggle to move forward in our journey.

Do any of these areas need attention?

Dive a little deeper into this topic with the video below.