Just wanted to make sure you knew this.  To remind you of this.  That even if you don’t see yourself as having an eating disorder, that your struggle with food and weight is welcomed to be heard and it can be understood.

That you deserve a life of light and love, of peacefulness within the hurdles of life and that you can be more present in those moments when we stop seeing our bodies as a place to hide or run away from.   Our bodies ARE the container of our emotions and by focusing on keeping them smaller or bigger, we understandably are trying to feel better.  It’s okay that this has happened; you aren’t broken.

You can work toward a freer life with acknowlegdement that you don’t need to be a certain level of un-well or size to pursue wholeness.  And that you didn’t choose these struggles but you do choose to keep moving forward.

I would love this freedom for you.  


I hope there is a NEDA event in your area.  If you are in Gainesville, FL join me and Brittany Rouille as she discusses recovery, freedom and having faith in life.  Here are the details!

With much freedom from weight and food worries love,

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