Hi friends, 

I thought  I would get ahead of things a little before March gets rolling.  If you don’t do a lot of social media, you probably won’t notice, but for those you have accounts on facebook or instagram, you will notice RD and nutrition types talk a lot about food and nutrition because March is all things nutrition and such month.

I’ll be honest I kinda tune it all out because most of us know deep down, how to eat.  We might struggle with doing it because of all the confusion about diet culture which causes lack of body trust.
So instead of adding to the fray of nutrition over-information,  I thought I would chat today about what we might actually need to help us with your relationship with food.  All of this is said in love and truth but I want to make some points so that you know that I see you and the struggle.

Have you considered that more information isn’t the answer to make peace with your fears about food and weight?

I know it’s exasperating when you’ve tried changing your thinking, the books, podcasts and even weight loss surgery and you still find yourself eating in secret when you don’t want to or just not eating out of fear.

Not to mention the whole cycle of restrict and eat is burning out our bodies, minds and hearts, making us further rely on over-functioning in work or at home to feel like we’re doing something “right”.

The memories of “if I could just be good with my food all day and make it through the night then it will be a good day” are real for me too. Even writing this I can feel the frustration and overwhelm.

And what happens when we feel that? Our survival system digs in deeper, making us want to restrict more to feel less, looping us back around to deprivation driven eating again.

I’m not here to tell you more about how that cycle feels, but want to share with you what’s necessary to un-hook the cycle of eat-shame-restrict-over-work-eat-repeat.

Yes, you need a little education about how the survival cycle works that drives a dysfunctional relationship with food but truly what is needed is the relationship with grounded people and containment to feel it’s SAFE enough to eat in a way that meets your needs without derivation and builds body trust.

How you do it looks like this:

  1. Learn how to decode “I feel fat” or “I gotta eat” and instead of “white-knuckling” these thoughts or behaviors, you know to navigate them without overwhelm.
  2. Find where and when diet culture is trying to lure you back in and keep you failing with food, which keeps you distracted worrying about weight and not fully moving forward with what is important to you.
  3. Support your nervous system so that when you feel overwhelmed, small, internally tight, etc, you don’t reach for restricting or emotional eating as the main go to for safety. You learn to have and know real confidence and safety in your life.

I share all of this with you passionately because I fought my body a long time, thinking if I could think my way into a better plan or  time would make it go away, then I could bypass actually being in my body or the feelings.

It took me years to learn what was truth and I’d love to shorten the time it takes you to not only learn but live these skills so you can have a peaceful relationship with food and body and get off the “earn worth through food and over-work” cycle.

Learn more about these tools here: http://bit.ly/tracybclaritycall

I wish for you deeply to be in trust and truth with yourself, 

xo, Tracy