what are you devoted to?

When we’re in the world of dieting, we hear a lot about discipline. Most times this has some punitive connotations to do it.

If we look in the dictionary, there are certainly definitions that are punitive in nature. However, it can also mean our daily order and pattern of behavior and doing things.

I also like to add the word devotion. Not only what are our daily disciplines but what are our daily devotions?

I like to add devotion because there is a certain amount of devotion that goes into the awareness, education and maintenance of where we want to be without obsession.

If the thoughts we daily think and come into agreement with don’t produce the desired outcome (which for many people is peace), we might be devoted to the wrong practice.

So ask yourself this…
1. What am I devoted to?
2. Am I devoted to the things that I want to be devoted to?
3. Are the thoughts that I’m coming into agreement with every day aligned with and producing the desired outcome that I’m wanting?