Hi friends 

Hope you’re well today. 

I had the honor of being with Amanda Bullat 

on her  latest unplugged Savor Food and Body Podcast!

How to destress your relationship with food by understanding your nervous systems. 

This conversation will help you stop relying on diet culture for self-worth and have more agency with food and your body. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

*What major and minor trauma is and how you can experience both in your body.

*How are trauma and diet culture influence each other, especially for women in midlife

* We explain what Polyvagal Theory and Window of Tolerance are and how they relate to your relationships with food and body.

*How understanding your nervous systems can help you respond to the ups and downs of midlife with more compassion and ease?

*Finally, We share how you can begin to grow your window of tolerance and thrive in midlife.

Hope you enjoy and look forward to hearing If you have any questions!


Tracy and Team