Hi friends,

When the rubber meets the road to food and body image improvement, one of the reasons we don’t take action is that we don’t feel we have what we need in the moment to handle what will happen, not sure all parts of us want to or really want be free but feel alone.

What would happen if we go about filling those gaps then?

Instead of “what if I eat too much, the wrong thing, it’s bad for me, no one will like me, I won’t be anybody/be connected if I don’t have this thing?”

We said, “What is missing to have the connection? What indicators would my body give me to let me know I am on the right track? What would it be like inside if I tried something, changed my mind and learned? What if it wasn’t too hard, just that I’m being too hard on myself?”


This week’s videos focus on conquering the negativity around food and how you can hold space for your emotions around where you’re at in your body image journey while also allowing other to have their own opinions.  


When the body changes it can be a difficult hurdle to face in your life. In this video I will talk about how when we say ‘I feel fat’ or (gross, bloated, etc) we are really saying I feel uncomfortable. Let’s learn how to overcome it. 


Having certain times to eat isn’t the problem, sometimes that’s what our schedule allows for. The problem is thinking those are the only times you can eat and not when you’re actually hungry.

P.S. If you know you’ve got some “I know what I need to do but I freeze up taking the action” barriers, let’s chat at www.tracybrownrd.com/get-started to identify what it will take to get you thawed out and moving forward with food and life.