Hi dear hearts,

I wanted to share with you a huge bit of information via a recent podcast I was on.

I am convinced that there are several aspects of making peace with food and weight to become more embodied.

It’s not just about accepting your body. Or eating all foods with full permission. Or knowing how to eat with nutrition in mind in a non-emotionally restrictive way.

It’s also about filling the gaps of the safety that we never got so that we can more easily be In our bodies.  To know how to slow down to feel and be somewhere.

So without further ado, I had the pleasure of chatting with Rande Moss and I’ll let her words take it from here:

“Have a listen as we talk about…

…Tracy’s unconventional journey from disordered to intuitive eating.

…How to decode thoughts like “I feel fat” and what they might REALLY mean.

…The idea that intuitive eating will lead to “perfect” eating and why that isn’t true.

…Ideas about “normal eating” and why becoming an intuitive eater might make you anything but normal (oh! and why that’s a good thing!)

…How to listen to the language of the body.

…and the differences between INTUITIVE eating and ATTUNED eating.”

Rande and I both talk fast and passionately as people do who are on fire to bring hope and the encouragement for the next wave of people who don’t want to settle for kinda okay with food.  

No matter how long it takes (for me it was 7 long years; for you it might be 30), do not give up.


Enjoy and much care,

If you are feeling like you are missing some pieces to make this peace with food thing work, connect with me: http://meetme.so/TracyBrown